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Sunday, March 24, 2013

Post Box Up Day Updates

We've been working hard since Box Up Day!

Chairman's - We have our speech written and are working on memorizing it. We have a photo board planned out. In connection with that, we have upgraded our mascot uniform. A new coat of paint and accents make it look better than ever. The mascot will be an important part of our speech. "Transformation"

Battery Cart - Tyler and his dad, Dan, made our team a battery cart. It's awesome! We also painted it in our colors and put on our major sponsors.

Robot Cart - Tyler also upgraded our robot cart with a shelf for our driver's station and a place for our flag while we are in the line queuing.

Chairman's Video - We have to give the Judge's a video to show if we win Chairman's Award. It needs to be a summation of our team and all the work we do. It has been a lot of work but we are SO CLOSE to being finished.

Prototype Robot - We worked on the prototype robot and getting it back up and running. It was a good experience for the freshman to work on a robot and do all the wiring and work on it. We also needed the robot for all of our Outreach events.

Outreach - We visited the FTC Championships at Prior Lake, traveled to Duluth in one day to watch a Regional, had a booth at our Student Showcase, and helped out at the Empty Bowls Project. Phew! Always busy. And we forgot to add that we were on the radio 2 different times! One time was with the Superintendent and the other was put on by the Alexandria Area Economic Development Commission. Both were so much fun!

Scouting - We have watched a lot of matches on webcasts and done some preliminary scouting. Lots of the teams at 10,000 Lakes only attend that Regional but a few have been other places. We have also started thinking about game strategy and how best to work with Alliance Partners.

Digital Media Award - We submitted for the Media and Technology Innovation Award. Zack and Carson worked their tails off making an interactive pdf file that is super cool. We have also been updating this blog with more Resources and posts about all of our activities.

Regional Prep - We received some awesome lanyards and wristbands (stop by our pit at 10,000 Lakes for these). We also created a robot handout and an outreach handout for Judge's and others at our pit. Bydlon is giving 2 presentations on Thursday of the Regional. One is about food fundraisers and the other is about Social Media. The team came up with a pit layout as well.

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