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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

MSHSL Team Member Stories - Part 2

Attending the Minnesota State High School League State Championship was a fantastic time, and knowing that Minnesota was the first state to have a state champion for FIRST robotics teams makes it that much more awesome. Knowing that after all of the hard work that we put into the robot, and the awards, and the outreach events wasn't going unnoticed it makes me want to do ten times more next year. Although everything that could go wrong did, being in FIRST has taught me that things go wrong and to keep moving forward after you have fixed it.  Attending this event has made me want next year to come sooo much faster so I can start all over and do better from learning from past experiences.

Personally, my favorite parts about MHSHL this past weekend, not only included being on a bus with 14 awesomely crazy people, but I also got to experience what it was like to go through robot malfunctions. During regionals most everything went great, but not here; that was okay though. Our team still stayed positive throughout the day and I LOVED that! Only during FIRST have I seen this happen. Any other sports team would have gotten extremely discouraged. In saying this, I couldn’t ask to be on a better team.

I actually managed to learn a couple things this weekend. Our team works really well under pressure, scouting works better in big groups with lots of computers, tic tac toe is really hard when you play it 300 times, pit sitting is really boring until really cool inspectors came to the pit and talk about random things, and Peanut brittle (wait don't add that). All in all, I love everything and everybody in my robo-family! LOUD AND PROUD!!! WHO ARE WE?

The Minnesota State High School League competition is definitely a lot different than the regional. I think the competition got more interesting towards the end because the robots were able to fix problems and they started to get more competitive. Overall, I had a blast like always. It was great seeing the drive team always jamming out to the songs as they waited their turn to compete. (Mostly Bydlon of course haha) 3313!!

The MSHSL was an awesome competition to experience. In the competition we may have had a few hiccups along the way but we did our best. It was fun seeing our robot perform and seeing how far our team made it in the eight months i’ve known them. It was also fun to watch for the fact it was a battle between the higher ranked and seeing what other teams have made to get as far as they did. Overall I say the competition was dope.

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