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Friday, May 10, 2013

St. Mary's Visit

Today, the robotics team presented at St. Mary's Elementary School. The team presented to the 4th, 5th, and 6th graders. Dalton's younger brother, Brady Myhr, wore the mascot during our presentation. It was a exciting new way to involve students while we present.

Not only did we present, but we also provided many students the opportunity to shoot and load discs with our frisbee shooting robot. As usual, all of the kids were very excited and had a magnificent time, as did we.
Sitting on the edge of their seats, students burst out in excitement as we shot frisbees into the basketball hoop.

More often than not, students wish to catch the frisbees as we are demonstrating, but as a team, we work to ensure the safety of the students we visit. While catching the frisbees seem to be a lot of fun, however it can be very dangerous--the frisbees can fly up to 55mph!

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