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Friday, March 7, 2014


Today started off well! We were in the second match of the day and actually ended up posting the best score, 215. Granted... 100 of those were foul points but whatevs, still awesome. 

Drive team of Bryce, Brooklyn, Tyler, and Bydlon did a great job. We are ranked 1st right now with a 7-1 record. We are hoping to continue our high assist matches. Many matches were really fun with almost catches and fun teammates and stuff. 

We've gotten so many compliments on so many things we've done. It's really fun. People like our sponsor banners, our regular banners, our robot, the hammer, our music instruments, our outfits, just so much stuff. It makes all those long hours and work and thoughts and just everything worth it (obviously, it would be worth it without the compliments, but those are nice too...).

Chairman's went GREAT! Kacy, Jade, and Lacey did such a great job. The judge's said "your speech was very different from anyone else's". That's super cool. We like to do things a little different and be weird and stuff. The speech being rock star themed definitely reflects that. It's nice that we have another shot to make it better for 10,000 Lakes. 

Basically, today was super fun and the other teams are super great and just yeah. Great day. Tomorrow is going to be crazy!!!!

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