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Logomotion 2011

The 2010-2011 season began by recruiting Mr. Bydlon, the school's new math teacher, as FIRST Team 3313 Mechatronics' lead mentor. The competition for this season was Logomotion. Zach Hodgson, Sam Johnson, Eric Nelson, and Ben Roers were some of the main contributors to the team, working late nights and weekends to ensure the completion of the robot. The team benefited from the support of an Alex Tech student, Matt Kleven, and an electrical engineer from Douglas Machine, Bill Denhim. The pride and joy of the team was the wobbly scissor lift. It was the most unique robot design at the 10,000 Lakes Regional. The team also successfully deployed a minibot twice during the competition which was incredibly exciting. Check out a demo of the robot on YouTube, here. Mechatronics did not advance to the elimination rounds, but the team members took that disappointment and turned it into motivation for the next off season. During the off season, the team demonstrated the robot for numerous groups including elementary schools, middle schools, and the team's sponsors.

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