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2014 Awards

2014 Chairman's Essay
  • This was the second year Team 3313 submitted Chairman's Award. It was much easier going through the process after having completed it once before. Thankfully, we have strong dedicated writers on our team and they breezed through it this year. Even more surprising for our team was receiving the Chairman's Award at the 10,000 Lakes Regional for 2014. For some of our members, it means so much more than they ever hoped to accomplish. Throughout the essay there are musical references, our Chairman's presenters had decided far in advance to have a rock'n'roll theme.
2014 Chairman's Executive Summary and Photos
  • Coming soon!
2014 Chairman's Video
  • Here is this year's 10K Lakes winning video! Our editing team spent many hours incorporating our "Rockband" theme into it. We couldn't have done it without their help! 
2014 Entrepreneurship Award (Link coming soon!)
  • This year some changes in the submitting process were made. Our team agrees as a whole that this year's process allowed the Business Plan Executive Summary much shorter and easier for teams to complete.
2014 Dean's List - Bryce Klang
  • Bryce is a senior, one of our team Captains, but most of all dedicated member. Without his hard work, we wouldn't have had such an amazing robot this year that brought us to Lake Superior finals and winning the 10,000 Lakes Regional. He is a fantastic driver and builder, but an even better person.
2014 Dean's List - Kacy McCormick
  • Kacy is a senior and Captain of PR/Awards, she takes charge of many fundraisers, presentations, and organizing. Her big goal these past two years has been Chairman's Award, which was finally earned this year at the 10,000 Lake Regional. She couldn't have done it without Jade and Lacey's help.
2014 Woodie Flowers - Jeremy Bydlon
  • Our team wrote a Woodie Flowers Essay for our head coach, Jeremy Bydlon. He has been head coach of Team 3313 for four years. With his energetic personality, always positive attitude, and resonance with the students keeps everyone working. Team 3313 wouldn't have been able to grow so far these past few years without his help. He makes our dreams reality. 
2014 Digital Media and Technology Award
  • Coming soon!

2013 Awards

Team Timeline
  • This is so useful all the time for Chairman's. It's updated whenever we have a new event. It allows our team to track our old outreach events, success, and struggles. The main information to record is number of team members present, about how many people were there, and then a quick recap of the event. We also use it to create a schedule for each new school year. 
2013 Chairman's Essay
  • Team 3313 submitted for the Chairman's Award for the first time in 2013. It was a long process but we are so proud of our work. It's a slightly different Essay format but it ties into our Chairman's Presentation. 
2013 Chairman's Executive Summary
  • We started our Chairman's process with a team timeline. Then, we separated out the timeline into each of the Executive Summary categories. Finally, we picked out the best events for each category.
2013 Chairman's Video
  • Our 2013 Chairman's Video. The theme is "More Than Meets The Eye".
2013 Chairman's Presentation
  • Our Chairman's Presentation focused on transforming our students and community.  
  • We went with 2 collages and 2 full pictures. One collage is of our outreach events. Another is of our robot work and engineering practices. We also did a full team photo and a full robot photo. 
2013 Entrepreneurship Award
  • Our team was EXTREMELY happy to win the Entrepreneurship Award last year at 10,000 Lakes Regional. We knew we could not rest on our laurels however. We upped the ante this year by extending the paper to 20 pages.
2013 Woodie Flowers 
  • Our team wrote a Woodie Flowers submission for our mentor, Mr. Bydlon.
2013 Dean's List - Kacy 
  • Kacy is a junior and our PR/Awards Queen. All of the awards above would not have been possible without her help. 
2013 Dean's List - Bryce
  • Bryce is a junior, one of our team Captains, and an inspirational team member. His dedication and continually expanding knowledge is awesome. We would not be the team we are or have the great robot we do without his help

If you have any questions at all, send us an email at 3313coach@gmail.com or tweet us at @Team3313.

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