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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Dean's List 2014 - Bryce Klang

All this week, we will be releasing the awards we have submitted. 

Today's essay is our Dean's List submission about our build captain, Bryce Klang. 

A tattoo--a sign of devotion or a permanent scar? To Bryce Klang it is a sign of his devotion and loving memories with FRC Team 3313 Mechatronics. Tattooed onto his chest, right over his heart, is the logo of FRC Team 3313. Bryce, senior and Build Team Captain at Jefferson High School in Alexandria, MN, holds a passionate relationship with FIRST Robotics.
Bryce has an affinity for working in efficient and simple ways. In the shop, he constantly asks, “How can we simplify this?” Bryce pushed Team 3313 to use pneumatics for first time in 2013. He researched and practiced over the offseason to ensure techniques would be sound for Build Season. He often tackles the most difficult build tasks.
He is always the first team member to arrive and the last to leave. During his sophomore year, he would often not leave until his dad would call the head coach requesting him to leave. Bryce was unable to attend a Week Zero event last season. The team missed him so much, they put a picture of him on a stick and walked around with it.
He enjoys every aspect of FIRST, but attending outreach events have left the deepest marks. Out of 15 sponsor meetings in the past 2 years, Bryce has attended 12. He helps make slide shows and presents information at the meetings. He was essential in planning out booths during our sponsor’s Tour of Manufacturing the past two years.
Thanks to all of the demonstrations and labor, Bryce was offered a full time job with Aagard, one of FRC 3313’s sponsors. He will assemble packaging machines with the company this summer and during the school year. This opportunity was unimaginable this early in his career without his enthusiasm about FIRST Robotics.
He’s accepted in the Mechatronics program at Alexandria Technical and Community College (ATCC). This is a 2 year program where students receive a broad understanding of how mechanical and electrical energy is produced, controlled, and utilized. Luckily, ATCC is only a short drive away from the high school--Bryce has promised to be a mentor.
Finding pictures of Bryce showing young students the robotic controls is an easy task. He has been a part of every elementary school tour. From Team 3313 community nights to the MN State Fair to assisted living homes, Bryce has shown innumerable people the bliss of FIRST Robotics.
Through his 3 years designing, building, and driving robots, Bryce has learned many valuable lessons, which he shares with others. He presented about pneumatics and drive trains at events such as Mini Minne-Regional, SPLASH Training, and Kickoffs. Bryce leads training sessions for new team members in the fall. He even helped train in our new engineering mentors on FIRST Robotics rules.
Bryce was an integral part of forming the first FTC team in the Alexandria, MN, FTC Team 7799 Autobotics. Mentoring the build team, Bryce would form a list of tasks to be completed, and even gives words of encouragement while showing students the correct procedure of using a tool. Using his 3 years of FRC driving experience, Bryce works with the FTC drive team planning strategy and offering advice. Middle schoolers under pressure can be a challenge, however, Bryce keeps a calm mind to ensure execution is correct.
Expanding the awareness of FIRST Robotics in our school is an activity that comes easy to Bryce. Whether it’s talking to his friends about the exploits of FRC 3313, tweeting pictures of robot progress, or talking to teachers about robot problems, FIRST is constantly on his mind.
His friendliness, zeal, and positive attitude earned him a spot on the Homecoming royalty this year at Jefferson High School. Typically, this award would go to the football or basketball star. Bryce, the captain of the FIRST Robotics team, was crowned Homecoming King.
Tattoos are a story about what is important to you and Bryce’s speaks volumes about his commitment to FIRST. Just like a tattoo, Bryce has left a permanent mark on his fellow team members, school, community, and sponsors.

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  1. Our family business has always known that Bryce is special. During his years working with us, when Bryce was in charge we never worried. He just had 'it'. He cares and takes every job personally. He has left an indelible mark on our business and he will do the same wherever he goes. I am very proud of him and even more proud that he is proud of himself. If that makes sense.