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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Everybody Clean Up!

Clean up day! We're taking a little while to clean up our horribly messy shop and make it all pretty for the hectic week we're going to have, considering it's the last week. We're also taking apart the old prototype, considering it's not to useful ever since we build the real deal.
As for programming, they're doing some cleaning of their own, however, it's a little more complicated. They're cleaning up the code for the robots programming, taking out anything unnecessary, along with improving the code for the gripper arms.

As for PR, we're doing pretty well. The awards are all written, revised, and now we're just putting on the finishing touches to make everything as perfect as possible. However, it's looking pretty good, lets just hope the judges think so too!

Ending today's installment on a good note, a few of our teammates are working on making our super-secret amazingly-awesome swag. Are you excited? Well you should be.

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