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Sunday, February 9, 2014

Oh Hole-y Bot

We worked our tails off on Saturday. We cut down everything we possibly could. We used a 3" hole saw like we never thought we would. We remade the grippers in a much more simplified manner. We used a mill to cut down mounting brackets.

But it was all worth it. The robot is put back together and it is at 118.5 lbs. On the bright side, the holes serve a nice purpose for easier wiring and diagnosing. Besides, most of the holes will be covered up with stickers anyway. The gripper change was beneficial too.

Kacy, our PR/Awards/Writing/Fundraising/everythingbuttherobot captain, was a huge help on putting the robot back together. We also had some alumni come back and help. Our robot captain, Bryce, even came to the school at 10pm to finish off the assembly and help with the final weigh in after working outside in the cold for 8 hours. Thanks to everyone for their help! The team does such a great job of stepping up when it's needed.

Generally speaking, it was a tough week. Tuesday was so awesome with putting the robot back together after our accident. We were shooting super well and everything was working exactly like we wanted it to. Here's a gif of the shooting from Tuesday.

Then we hit a stumbling block with the weight issue. As another one of our illustrious blog authors said, "What's a challenge if it's not challenging?" We worked together and powered through. The bumpers are done. Awards are extremely close to their full potential. The weight issue was fixed. We just keep going because that's all we know how to do.

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