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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Weight Loss Probs

Build team is working on the little things today. The technical ones. For one, they're weighing the robot to make sure it is within the bounds specified by the FIRST rule book. According to our scale, we're a few pounds overweight. While this is never a good thing, the builders seem confident that they'll be able to fix it. What's a challenge if it's not challenging, right?

*Later in the night update: Weight loss is hard* :-(

Another thing build team is busy with is making the bumpers for the robot out of, wait for it... light up noodles! And no, I don't mean we're building our robot out of radioactive pasta. Somehow, a member of our team was able to find some pool noodles that light up when a button on the side is pressed. I don't know about you, but it sounds pretty awesome to me.

PR is having a grand old time making sure everything on the Chairman's award is as perfectly amazing as possible. They are mostly writing and revising the Chairman's essay, considering they have a week to get it in by the deadline. While having the time limit constantly looming over their heads is stressful to say the least, they seem pretty certain that they're on schedule. The main Chairman's progress was reformating and submitting the pictures for all of the awards. The Business Plan is complete and submitted.

As for programming, they, sadly, are taking a rain-check, considering one of our main programmers is sick, and the other is performing a solo ensemble for his band concert. However, they're doing pretty well as far as time goes as well, so it shouldn't be too big of a set back for them to take a day off. Also, our robot is kind of sort of in pieces again so that's a problem for them. 

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