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Sunday, February 2, 2014


Build Season is like a giant sine wave graph. There's huge highs and then rock bottom lows. Our
team has had a few of both recently. We'll get the bad news over with first and then talk about the good news.
  • On Thursday, we tried to test the autonomous but forgot to actually put a ball in. Of course, when the hammer swings normally, almost all of the momentum transfers to the ball. When there is no ball, most of the momentum goes to the shaft and hammer as it repeatedly strikes the metal hard stop. Sad day on Thursday when we broke it. But we ordered more hex shaft from VexPro.
  • The count for team members attending our Duluth Regional (Lake Superior) is only going to be about 9 team members, plus a head coach, one college mentor, and one engineering mentor. The regional coincides with our spring break. Plus, we are just a little smaller this year anyway (about 14 team members). We will just have to work extra hard. 3 drive team members, 3 Chairman's presenters, and 3 scouters. We're already tired.

  • We worked really hard on autonomous the past couple days. Here's a link to the initial autonomous start. Below is the autonomous now. The 1 ball autonomous is about 3 seconds. The 2 ball auton is measured about 9 seconds. We are as far as we can go without the hammer. 

  • We practiced catching over a truss. Our truss, in this case, was our head coach, If we get the timing right, we can catch it. It will take quite a bit more practice but we are pretty sure we can do it. 
  • Our new team banner is on the way. We will show you a pic once we get it!
  • We have some other plans for our pit that are going to be different and fun.
  • New t-shirts for this year are in the works. Will be done just before Week Zero. 
  • We ordered some more team swag from a website. We are also going to be making some swag in the coming week or two. 

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