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Thursday, February 20, 2014

Bag It and Tag It

Tuesday was the very last day of build season! After the long and treacherous journey we are very happy to say that all of our hard work and long hours have paid off. We have a very admirable robot and are looking forward to Lake Superior and 10,000 Lakes Regionals. Before bagging though, we made a few improvements and worked on other projects.

We attached a reed switch for the gripper motors. It took a long time to program (never really done this kind of thing in autonomous before) but it works! This will prevent the hammer from firing if we miss a ball in autonomous. That will prevent us from breaking anything.

A bunch of parents brought in dinner for the team. Sloppy joes, chips, cookies, pop, bars, and lots of other goodies!! IT WAS SOOOOO GOOD!

We created scouting binders to make match scouting easier. Every year we evolve the scouting to be a little more efficient and a little more effective. We also showed off at another Basketball Halftime Show.

Also we have submitted our Woodie Flowers and Dean's List Awards now.

Still lots to do though! Lake Superior Regional is in 2 weeks!!

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