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Thursday, February 6, 2014

Bumping Down The Weight

We worked on losing weight today. We cut holes in our gripper supports, we cut holes in our towers, we cut off pieces of other mounts, we just cut and cut and cut. 

Funny part of the night was when we ran out of cordless drill batteries and one of our mentors kept trying to finish a hole on a mount. He just kept trying with dead batteries. Anyway, it was funny, trust us. 

We also mounted the bumpers! The pool noodles we bought light up which looks pretty cool. They're not quite finished (need to make the pool noodles longer) but the mounting system is all done! Yay!

Chairman's edits are still coming along. We are very close to being finished with the essay. Just a few more revisions to get back to us. 

Programming made some edits tot he gripper code they go to the same spot every time. That will help us shoot accurately. 

We've been eating a lot of frozen pizza since we got our pizza oven. And lots of Dr. Pepper is being consumed. It's week five. 

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