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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Back in Business! (GIFS)

We are back baby!

We got the new hex shaft in the mail on Tuesday. Mitch brought it over to the Tech College to get it turned down to look like the gear box hex shaft. Mitch and Tyler got it all mounted about an hour later. Then we were shooting again!! Thanks to Bryce's shock absorber mount, we will have no more broken hammers. Also, our "dry run" (shooting with no ball) is much safer.

So that's definitely the most exciting part of the day. Bydlon was giggling like a school girl and Bryce was doing countless fist pumps.

In still very important but less exciting news, Bryce and Bydlon stayed late on Monday to finish a template for either the left or right bumper side. Brooklyn made the other side today. All we need is some longer bolts and a few more push pins and we have half the bumpers done! Also, we need to make like 4 more of them for all of our sets of bumpers... (Let's not talk about that)

Chairman's team finished up the interviews for our video. The next step is cutting down those interviews into pieces that we like. Then we cut down those pieces that we like to the ones that will actually make the final video. There will most definitely be a blooper reel.

Bryce cleaned the carpet that we use for testing purposes. Obviously, it's not the same as the competition but it's more realistic than the concrete form we would otherwise use.

Speaking of business from the blog post title, we are about 99% done with our business plan. This year is very different with the specific "executive summary" style questions and picture requirements. All of our pieces are uploaded to STIMS, we just need to make picture decisions and resize them.

We are working on some swag items for our Regionals. They're music related and we are pretty excited about them!

We are going to the Bloomington Week Zero event on February 16 for sure. We had some discussions about going to one on Saturday and Sunday and staying in a hotel. We'll keep you posted.

Our next steps are making the hammer and pickup consistent. We have some ideas about the encoder on the hammer to make the swing more consistent. We also need to make some mounts for limit switches for the grippers so we can hopefully get them in the same spot every time. We're getting close!

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