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Monday, February 17, 2014

Week 6 Update - Lots of Pictures!!


Chairman's and Entrepreneurship have been submitted! YAYYY! Shout out to Kacy and Jade for working so hard on those awards. They're really great. We got our new t-shirts in. We also received our track jackets. The robot room was cleaned too!

We've worked the past few days on putting the final touches on the robot. We painted the hammer a different color scheme and added our vinyl stickers. The stingers (mounted on the back of the hammer to help reset the ball each time) were re-inforced and the gripper that broke (simple driver error, no big deal) was fixed.

We performed at our annual basketball halftime show. IT WAS SUPER FUN! The kids loved kicking the ball and catching it. It's awesome that FIRST creates games that are so fun for demonstrations.


The night ended on a down note though. The driver station was dropped with all of our code on it. That's a major, major problem. We had to start over on programming on Saturday.

Luckily, two of our recent alums who are studying programming at a college in the Twin Cities were able to come back and help program. Karl has done a GREAT JOB this year. He remembered pretty much every single important timing number from the previous code. But Allen and Dalton are really fast at organizing and programming so they helped out.

There were even some minor improvements like the autonomous and "gear shifting" (adjust the voltage to the CIMs so they go slower or faster). There was lots of drive practice and we filmed the robot reveal video too! It was an awesome day. The resiliency of the team after what could have been a catastrophic event was so amazing. Check out the reveal video here.

Week Zero post later today or tomorrow!

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