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Saturday, February 8, 2014

Swiss Cheese

More cutting of holes happening. We weighed it again and are getting close. We have some other ideas to cut weight and are exploring those as well. Hopefully underweight and back driving on Tuesday next week? That's our goal. The nice part is that we know the process works, we just need it to be less weight. If we get done by Tuesday, we will still have a week of practice time which would be nice.  It's a struggle but we will make it work.

Bumpers are very close to being complete. We got the mounts all done. Just need to finish a little bit of fabric. We're going to have the numbers screen printed (hopefully) this year which will be a nice change. Painting by hand is not fun. We posted a picture of our light up bumpers which caused a pretty big discussion. We never intended to use them as the real bumpers. But we are going to make some "demo" bumpers out of them because they're pretty sweet.

We got a preview of the vinyl stickers we're going to put on our robot once it's finished. They're super duper awesome.

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