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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Contact Us!!

We are Team 3313 Mechatronics. We are based at Jefferson High School in Alexandria, MN. This will be our 3rd year of competition.
Here are some ways to stay in touch or keep in contact with us:

Youtube: www.youtube.com/team3313mechatronics
Facebook: We have a facebook group entitled "Team 3313 Mechatronics" which you are more than welcome to join. Just shoot me an email and I will add you.
Email: Team3313Mechatronics@gmail.com
Twitter: We now have a twitter account! To join, either follow @3313mechatronic or text follow team3313mechatronic to 40404! (Must be in US for this to work.) Also, Visit us at this http://twitter.com/#!/3313Mechatronic
Phone: 320-762-2142 Ask for Mr. Bydlon (pronounced bid-len)

If we think other ways (twitter, flickr, who knows what) I will update that here.

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