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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Team meeting review 10/26/11

So, after the team meeting today, here are the updates.
T-shirt and wristband designs have been chosen. (subject to approval, of course.)
Plans were made for the competition on the 19th. Transportation still seems to be a little bit of an issue. If anyone has any solutions, feel free to contact Mr. Bydlon, Jenna or Megan. If you are interested in going, sign up in Mr. Bydlon's room, no later Friday, November 11th.
We are still looking for fundraising ideas! Talk to any of the three mentioned above with any ideas of something fun, creative, and profitable!
Plans to work on the cart were made for Tuesday and Thursday of next week. If you are able to and are interested in helping, feel free to stop in the ag room afterschool.
Finally, there are a few more technological pieces of our team currently in development. More updates on those will be released when ever possible, so stay tuned!

Thank you to all, and check back often!

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