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Monday, April 2, 2012

Two Robots Are Better Than One

After the incredible output of energy this past weekend at the 10,000 Lakes Regional, it would be easy for Team 3313 to take a few days off and just relax and recharge. That isn’t the 3313 way though. On Tuesday morning, the team is doing two different big presentations. We are presenting at Woodland Elementary School and, our big sponsor, the PMMC. To prepare for these big presentations, the team had a lot to get ready. 

Bryce and Jordan put all the parts we took from Beckham back on. As usual, the chains were the worst part. Bryce even upgraded Beckham with some red LEDs. It will be really exciting to have two very different robots driving around at the same time! To facilitate this, we updated the tiny netbook, put the code on it, and made a simple driver station for it. Molly did a good job making the driver station. Bydlon wired up the LEDs on Murphy so it glows blue again. 

Jenna and Bydlon made a presentation for Woodland. Bydlon arranged a van for the team to drive there with the robots. The team split up speaking duties. Jenna worked on a slide show presentation for the PMMC as well. Ryan was up to his usual interesting, funny antics. 

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