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Monday, January 11, 2016

Day One: The Blossoming of New Ideas

Hello from team 3313 Mechatronics!

The long wait for the game reveal is now over. Yesterday, all the teams watched the interesting and amazing live stream that FIRST presented. Now, the real fun begins. All the teams will start to meld their ideas together to create something amazing. There are so many possibilities. Also, when it comes to the field there are over 10,000 possibilities. There is no expecting the unexpected. All the teams can do is build a bot that can handle certain challenges that is put before it. This game is a game of the mind that is most likely challenging all of the minds in the FIRST robotics league. No matter how hard something seems to the minds of individuals in each team, there is no giving up. The reward that you get from all of this hard work is the satisfaction that each person gets when they complete their robot.

Team 3313 has started off the meeting by reading the game manual and other regulations that is concerning the way our team can build the bot. Later, we started to discuss what we would want our bot to do as well as what we need to do to achieve these goals and create a really awesome bot. The chalkboard is written all over and chalk dust is flying as we get really busy writing down all of the ideas that members have presented. When we have presented an idea we discuss what is good about it and then we illustrate the weaknesses that the bot might have. From there we can change the bot to what we need and start building. We do our best to use a little part from each of the ideas to create the bot so that everyone can have a say in how the bot is going to be built.

Soon, we will be splitting up into different parts of the team. We will have the PR team, in charge of outreach events and our fundraising. We will have the programming team taking control of the "brains" of the robot so that our creation can come alive. Lastly, we will have our building working on the frame and the structure of the bot so that our creation can have a solid skeleton since having a strong bot is necessary for the roughness of the field. It may seem that we all work separately, but as the season starts pass, all of the teams will come together and create the team creation of our bot.

After ideas have been given, the Chairman's Team has started talking about some ideas of our own. Such as what costume theme we want to use and what we need to write to show the other teams that we did something awesome this year.  Today, we might build the prototype, but only after a couple hours of brainstorming. The team feels that we are going to have a pretty good bot this year. Team 3313 cannot wait until we get to see what all of the other teams are going to have built for the season. See you all at week zero. Most importantly have fun!

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