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Friday, January 13, 2012

I Love It When A Plan Comes Together

We can launch basketballs!
That's a quote from the A-Team but it might as well be the motto of our build season so far. Prototype week ended on a very high note! We finished both the gate prototype and the shooter prototype today! What an awesome end to a fantastic week. Be sure to check out our youtube page to see videos of both prototypes in action.

We started the day by having a leadership meeting where we discussed where the team's at and other policies we started this year. Overall, things have been going really well but once a week we are planning a leadership check in just to see where things are at and how the team can improve its performance.

Finishing Gate Prototype
The PR team worked more on the mascot costume they are going to make. It is going to be sooo cool!!! Claire worked on making a step by step instruction manual for them to use when they start making it on Monday.The PR team also worked on starting the process for awards. The team has to submit applications for Regional Awards by February 16.

The main excitement today was in shop. We finished the gate prototype that we started yesterday. We found a skateboard wheel that had been grooved out from last year and used that as our pulley system. That switch made the whole system work much better. Check out yesterday's post or youtube for an explanation for why we made the gate.

Our Mascot Design
Molly and Tyler brought the shooter mount over to Alex Tech to get the bearing and mount machined. Unfortunately, that took a while so everyone had left except Bydlon, Bryce, Brandon, and Jimmy when the part was finished. Luckily the part worked great. We threw the part on and started testing. IT WORKED!!! It's hard to explain how satisfying it is to see an idea start as just an idea and then somehow come to life and do EXACTLY what you wanted it to. Just amazing. Brandon worked his butt off making sure the shooter prototype was solid and well built so kudos to him.

Right before we all left, we put the other chain on the KitBot so that is all finished. Colin is taking it home for the weekend to fix the cRio so we should (keyword: should) be able to drive it on Monday. 
KitBot is all ready to go

This was mentioned yesterday but it is unbelievable that only a week ago we did not even know what the game was going to be. There has been so much collaboration and hard work already. We cannot wait to get back to work. Speaking of which, the blog is taking a two day break until work begins again on Monday. We need to "recharge our batteries". As always, thanks for reading.

As the team always says, "Don't worry. It's just a prototype."

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