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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Air Power

The team met for the second straight day. It seemed that there wasn't much to do initially. Partly because no daily agenda was made. The reason for that was the Facebook group was very busy Wednesday night. Anyway, it seemed there wasn't much to do but we ended up accomplishing a lot!

The big accomplishment down in the shop was that we got pneumatics to work with the Java programming! You can see video here. It was a big moment. That moment started with Demian, Molly, and Hadley mounting the air compressor and air tank on Rover. Meanwhile, Alicia, Vincent, and Bydlon switched out the routers on the robots so that Murphy will have the regulation one. Brandon put down the pencil and paper got to work just throwing some pneumatics together. We hooked up all the wires and tubing just to try it out. Allen set up the programming. AND IT WORKED! Pneumatics are incredibly useful but we have never had the time or ability to make it all work. Luckily, all the lessons we have learned in the past helped put it all together today. FIRST Robotics is really awesome for days like today.

While we were blowing air in the shop, up in the computer lab some more work was being done. Kacy proofread through the website bios that Gabe created yesterday. She also started working on a power point presentation for our trip to Discovery Middle School on Tuesday morning. Carson made a more informational poster for the Bydlon Beard Off which is happening at the beginning of November. He also updated the team logo. It looks so awesome now. He made it symmetrical and changed the color to more of a darker blue. Love it.

Great day for the team. Adding pneumatics to our tool box of abilities is a HUGE assest. That cannot be overstated. Also, continuing the PR and logo work is really helpful for our team image. Fun day!!

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