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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Fair Play

As usual with our team, we never have just one event in a day. It has to be two or three... The team always stands up to all the excitement though and provides a great experience at each event. The team presented at the Club Fair, visited our big sponsor group, the PMMC, and had a team meeting.

The Club Fair at Jefferson High School is a nice place to show off the work we do and recruit new members. It was nice that so many of the current team members were so eager to help out and hang out at the table. We had Rover out and about driving around. Potential recruits were able to drive the robot and talk to current members about the work we do, how often we meet, and how awesome we are. We got around 10 potential names and contact information which is a good start.

The PMMC meeting went well. First, the team talked about the Homecoming Parade. Most of the rest of the meeting was spent discussing the team budget and fundraising opportunities for the rest of the year. One of our biggest events coming up is an Open House at Massman, LLC who is part of the PMMC. We are looking forward tomeeting potential mentors and showing off all of our hard work.

Lastly, the team met up after school to continue our off season work. Kacy and her crew worked on purchase orders for new parts, posters for the Bydlon Beard Off, and emails to prospective new sponsors. Bryce and his team worked on the electrical board for Murphy. Molly got some parts made over at Alex Tech. Allen and his "students" spent their time continuing to learn Java while also programming Kinect. Finally, the team reminisced about memories from last year.

Bydlon... well he was weird like always.

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