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Thursday, August 8, 2013

New 2015 roboRIO for FRC


If you're curious about what the new controller for the 2015 (season after this coming one) is going to look like, here ya go.


It looks like they're combining the Digital Side Car (thing we plug all the PWM cables into) and the cRio (the real brains) into ONE thing. 

So anyway, there ya go. 

If you're bored this morning, at 11am CST, they're truly introducing the controller and are doing a Q&A. You can find that live stream here. 


For a LIVE BLOG of the Q&A click the link below...

LabView will be updated
Java will be through Eclipse IDE 
C++ is still supported

Cross The Road Electronics will be developing CAN bus - pneumatics controller as an add on
Or use relay systems on the roboRIO and spikes to control pneumatics

Adding USB host port, will allow teams to use web based cameras or kinect or industrial cameras. Web based cameras like Axis will still be available.

All teams in 2015 will get a roboRIO at Kickoff as part of Kit of Parts. You can order one on your own time in Fall 2014. Low $400s as a price for one on it's own.

You can zip tie down the roboRIO around the corners or using slots on the bottom. Could also epoxy it to lexan and many other options. 

The Java and C++ tools are open source and will be much more open to developing. This is because the roboRIO is more generally Linux based. 

Cold cut over to roboRIO. The rules in 2015 will ONLY allow roboRIOs on the robot. 

No decision on legality of having two roboRIOs on robot at once. However, it is designed to have 2 processes (vision and robot code).

Cross the Road Electronics will be making a new Power Distribution board that is also CAN connected, just like the pneumatics connector. 

More updates later on changes to Driver Station and Dashboard.

There is a custom electronics port in the middle of the controller that will allow teams to create custom circuit boards for any imaginable application.

Diagnostics will be improved on the driver station and possibly on the FMS as well.

The roboRIO will be shielded from metal dust and other items. It was designed to be robust.

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