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Thursday, September 12, 2013

State Fair

This is an insanely late post (this event happened 18 days ago... OOPS!) but here's a quick recap!

Check out our YouTube video for more info.

Team 3313 Mechatronics attended the MN State Fair on Sunday, August 25. Jade, Kacy, Carson, Bydlon, Lacey, Tyler, and Bryce were present.

The main memory? The heat and humidity. Dew points were above 70 (tropical) and temps were in the high 90s. The team members who attended have never sweat so much in their lives!

The other main memory? One of our wheels literally snapped in half (watch the video up above). So The Blitz Team 2470 graciously let us use one of their wheels so we could keep competing.

Just getting the robot down to the State Fair was an experience. Lacey's dad drove the robot down to the west suburbs of the Cities and then Bydlon picked it up with his dad's truck.

The State Fair competition was super fun (even with the excessive heat). There were a bunch of mini games that each robot had to perform. Autonomous, Timed, Sequential, Tag, Parking, and Climbing were just a few of them. We also walked in a parade but it was too hot to really do much unfortunately.

We found time after one of our competitions to let a bunch of audience members drive the robot and shoot discs which was super fun (as always). The students from FRC 2220 who helped set up and run the competition were great. Shoutout to Sharon from the MN State Fair for organizing the whole thing.

Our robot and drivers (Tyler and Bryce) performed wonderfully! We ended up having the best one round score of any robot in the competition and we placed 3rd when you added up all the rounds together.

We exposed A TON of people to FIRST Robotics and had a blast. You can't ask for much more.

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