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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Starting Fresh

The returning members of the team have been busy so far this school year!

We had our robot out at lunch 2 weeks ago to drum up interest at the high school. It was fun to shoot frisbees  by the lunch tables and drive it behind unsuspecting students. The interest in the team seemed really good! We even taped an advertisement to our robot as it rolled around. 

Then we had an informational meeting just for students last week. This also went really well. We went over a quick slide show that summarized FIRST, our team, and what is expected of students. We had about 9 new people show up which is pretty good for a team of our size. It was a good mix of grades as well. After the slide show, everyone moved down to the shop for a tour. Finally, the new team members were able to give our robot a test drive and shoot some frisbees. 

As the final preparation for the new year, we had a parent meeting last night. Bydlon, Kacy, and Bryce went over a slide show talking about the team, our schedule, and the costs of being on the team. Then parents asked questions and the meeting was over! The parents were all very excited and very thankful for getting a full year schedule (this has never happened before). Also, a few of the parents had younger students interested in being on the FTC team which would be GREAT! We are all so excited now.

First official meeting is Thursday after school and the Homecoming Parade is on Saturday!

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