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Friday, September 27, 2013

Parade Floating on Air

FRC Team 3313 Mechatronics met officially for the first time on Thursday. The leadership on the team was definitely surprised by the amount of sophomores that came to the meeting! Rough estimate was about 20 people showed up. That's awesome!

Our main goal for the meeting was to get our parade float all ready. Which, thanks to all the help, we got done in record time. Bydlon and the sophomores started decorating the float with multi-color balloons which the girls on the team quickly shot down. We bought black, blue, and silver balloons to make it look nicer on the actual parade day. We also painted the back of a 2 point goal and attached that to the trailer so it is stable. Molly and Heidi helped teach everyone how to correctly splatter paint. We also made a platform for the robot out of some palettes and plywood. That was also splatter painted for effect. Bryce and Joe made some wheel wells for the robot so it won't roll around during the parade.

While all the trailer action was going on, Bryce, Alicia, CJ, and Joe took apart the prototype robot from last year. We need all the parts we can get for future prototyping plus, it was a good learning lesson for the rookies.

Up in the computer lab, Kacy worked on a potential future sponsor opportunity. Jade, Lacey, and Mitch worked on creating a list of information about our hub teams and all FRC teams in general. The Hub Team information will be especially nice as we start to get in contact with them.

It was a great first meeting!

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