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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Homecoming Parade

The homecoming parade was super fun!!

This is FRC Team 3313's second year as a part of the Jefferson Homecoming Parade. We learned a lot last year about having a successful float and applied that knowledge this time. Our team borrowed a truck from Bryce's uncle's company (unlike last year). Each team member brought a bunch of candy to hand out. We had half sheets of information to pass out. We also played classic rock music out of speakers from the back of the truck.

The robot was set up on a palette pedestal. Mitch and Bryce fried Frisbees off as we drove down the parade route. Heidi took pictures and Molly wore the mascot. Thomas and Karl passed out half sheets. Lacey, Kacy, Mitch, and Molly passed out candy. Jared, Carson, and David grabbed rogue Frisbees. Bydlon drove the truck and Brooklyn loaded Frisbees on the float.

Initially, the weather looked really bad. If it rained at all, we would have had to bag up the robot to keep it safe. Luckily the rain only fell while we were setting up in the shop and just returning. Also luckily, Bryce and Lacey were able to join us on our float after already going through the parade on the Homecoming King and Queen car at the beginning.

Overall, it was GREAT opportunity to expose more people in the Alexandria community to FIRST Robotics and we had a lot of fun.

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