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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Raising the Flag

We had so many people at our meeting again!!

This is a great problem to have but it still can be a problem. On the bright side, we had a lot to accomplish on Tuesday.

Bryce, Andrew, Brock, and Mitch worked on making an FTC (a different level of FIRST Robotics from what our team does) flag pole. The FTC team we established will start meeting next week. Soooo, in advance of that and because we're getting kind of a slow start to it, our FRC team will be making a few of the field elements to help them hit the ground running next week. The flag pole is one of the end game elements of the FTC game this year. Robots have to spin a piece of PVC so that a flag will be raised up a 6 foot pole. That will be one of the first tasks our team will try to accomplish (along with scoring blocks in baskets and hanging off a horizontal bar). See the FTC game video here.

Alex, David, and Jared worked on cleaning off the float and then finishing the disassembly of our prototype robot. There are so many fasteners on our kit bot drive trains! But part of the work we do in the fall is getting everything organized and ready for our hectic build season in January. This was a major help for that.

Lacey drove around to sponsors and delivered plaques for sponsoring our team last year. Ooops. She also hung a bunch of posters about our grocery bagging that will be happening on Saturday. You can see the poster here.

Allen, Carson, Jonathan, Thomas, and Karl worked on getting our new router all set up (our old one got messed up). Mitch got the signal light on our competition robot wired up again. We have been lazy and had not fixed it from State last year.

Kacy worked on the Tastefully Simple grant application (it's finished, yay!). Alicia and Brooklyn did some work on the blog making new team member profiles. Check them out here. They also made a scouting binder for MRI which we are attending in a week and a half. You can see the scouting sheets here. Heidi took the awesome pictures you see!

Speaking of MRI, Brock, Jon, Andrew, and Alex practiced driving and shooting Frisbees. We are hoping to have mostly new students drive the robot at MRI. This will help get them excited about FRC. Also, we have a lot of Seniors and very few Juniors so the future of the team is on the Sophomores shoulders right now.

It was a fantastic meeting for the team where we got a lot accomplished!!

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  1. 6004 our team is having a problem constructing the flagpole, what is the measurement of P1(3/4,3/4,1/2) because it wont fit with P17 (3/4).