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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Practice, practice and more practice!

We accomplished a lot in the 3 hours we had available. A bunch of students practiced driving and we formed our drive team for our first off-season competition. While the public relations (PR) team updated our team members page with profile pictures. Go check it out! The PR team also began our fundraising plan for this year, it covered where to go and what were are going to do at each event. It sounds like they were coming up with some good ideas for this year!

Down in the shop they made some pieces for the FTC ramp and the scoring boxes they received. The FTC team is another robotics team, but it is within the middle school. Alexandria's FTC team was started this year by our FRC team. The team already has their game picked out for the year. Their building season is currently ongoing and it seems they are going to start building their robot very soon. Mr. Bydlon is the head coach for their team, and he is juggling both the FTC team and the FRC team!

Heidi worked on fixing the Velcro for the bumpers of our robot for the competition this weekend. At the end of the meeting, Lacey dropped off our thank-you card at Elden's Fresh Foods, which all of our team members signed. This was to show our appreciation for letting us have a fundraiser last Saturday and raising money for building our robot.

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