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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Trying To Keep Busy (with Chairman's News)

Today was a slower day for FRC Team 3313 Mechatronics. This is mostly due to our first big event, MRI, happening last weekend. We were definitely searching for work.

Bryce presented to the members about Pneumatics. Everyone on the team should have at least a working knowledge of how our robot works and this is one step in that direction. After presenting, Bryce worked with a number of team members on a "control system on a board". They're building an electrical and pneumatic board that we will be able to use once Build Season rolls around (in 80 days!!) and we start prototyping.

Other team members painted our bucket again to try and prevent more Frisbee sticking issues. We also worked on updating the mascot. It gets a big workout any time we go any where so it needs constant maintenance. There was more hot gluing and we started repainting the swords.

The biggest news, however, was on the Chairman's front. We haven't started writing anything but we did start preliminary discussions on where the team is at. Things like social media, FTC, mentors, Hub Teams, fundraisers, and other topics were discussed as strengths and weaknesses. We brainstormed hub team activities and started drafting a coach's letter. Our most exciting news was coming up with a fun, creative, very "3313-ish" speech theme idea. It's all preliminary but it was a GREAT discussion.

Expect lots of MRI coverage this week: at least 2 videos and a lengthy blog post.

Oh! And Owen's mom brought Bydlon dinner (a tradition that was started last year). It's a long and weird story. Ask us some time.

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