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Monday, October 28, 2013

Busy Thursday Part 2 - FTC Meeting

Thursday was a very busy day for our team. We had an FTC Meeting, not a lot on our FRC agenda, and a Tour of Manufacturing at Aagard. You can read part 1 (our trip to Aagard) here.

While some of the team members were at Aagard, the rest of the team was hanging out at the school with the FTC team.

  • Andrew, Heidi, and Lacey helped with the mascot design (the head is almost done!). 
  • Kacy and Jade got caught up on Chairman's news and other topics. 
  • Brock, Brooklyn, and Owen made a spreadsheet of teams attending our Regionals (used for scouting later). 
  • Bydlon and Jared helped the FTC robot design keep moving (we mounted electronics). 
  • Karl and Thomas were with the programmers (figuring out autonomous). We should be driving again on Monday (hopefully).
The meeting was ok but a little... hectic? Having both teams meeting at the same time can be awesome when everyone has tasks and is busy working (like a couple weeks ago). However, when some people are not busy working, it can turn into a distraction catastrophe. Middle schoolers already have a hard time focusing (not their fault) and then you add in high schoolers running around and it's just not a good situation. But! We still got a lot accomplished and it's still a learning process for everyone.

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