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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Field Trip and Chairman's Party!

FRC Team 3313 kind of thought we didn't have a lot to do today. But, as it turns out, we got A TON accomplished. It was super awesome.

First, we discussed who was going with to Splash Training this coming Saturday at the U of M Twin CIties. Splash training is a great opportunity for teams to get together and learn about all aspects of FIRST.  Some of the topics include building a robot, wiring it up, programming it, running a successful teams, and loads more. Here's a copy of the schedule if you're interested. 

After that, we took a Team 3313 field trip to our apparel supply store. This time, the entire team went with. It was an experience... But definitely a good one! We picked out and finalized the design of our team track jackets. The track jackets are going to be our big team apparel item (along with team t-shirts, like always). Anyway, they're going to rock.

Speaking of going to rock, our Chairman's work really got off the ground today. It was a total team effort (we had 9 people working... NINE!). 

First, we talked about what the Chairman's Award includes (for newbies). Then, we printed out our Team Timeline and cut out each event. PS: A team timeline is like, the best idea ever. We sorted the events into the 7 different Chairman's categories. Then, we sorted the events out into what we wanted to talk about in each of the three main pillars: essay, speech, and executive summary.

Out next steps? Start making a real outline for the speech and essay, then start on a rough draft. 

It's insane how far we've come on Chairman's work since last year. At this time last year, we were still learning what Chairman's was!!! 

Keep being awesome everyone. 

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