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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Trying New Things - Food Shelf and School Board

As usual, we are busy, busy, busy! Team 3313 has been mixing in some last minute events and presentations right before Christmas Break and Kickoff. We helped out at a food shelf and presented to our School Board.

After school yesterday, we had our normal FTC meeting. At that point we split up. Some of the team members started working on programming and working on the FTC robot. Alicia, Brooklyn, Jeremy, Bethany, and Kacy went to the Douglas County Food Shelf. They helped sort a ton of donated food into categories. At the food shelf, people can come in and shop for food so sorting the donated food helps everyone out. It was super fun! Our team hasn't done anything like that before but we definitely will in the future!!

Once that group was done with the food shelf, everyone came back together. Bryce, Kacy, Alicia, Brooklyn, Karl, and Bydlon got something to eat at Culvers. Then they headed to the Alexandria School Board Meeting.

This was yet another first for our team. See, we have never presented to the School Board before. We were a little nervous at the beginning of the presentation. But as we went along, we got much better. The Board was very smiley which is a great sign. We had two reasons for presenting to the School Board: one, we wanted to make sure they knew about us, and two, we want to make more connections in our community.

It's always scary to try new things. However, that's the only way anything can grow. We are almost ready for Kickoff!

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