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Friday, January 3, 2014

Year in Review 2013

Honestly, I don't even know where to start here. 2013 was one of the best years that Team 3313 has ever had. We learned a lot, made a lot of new connections, inspired a lot of new students, and built our most reliable robot ever.

Because there was so much happening, we're just going to go through some of our favorite songs of 2013 and talk about how they apply to our year. Feel free to listen to the song while you read how it applies to our year!

1. Okay, I think we should begin in saying we had an AMAZING time at the 10,000 Lakes regional, our robot did better than expected, placing us in third; thus leading us to state. We feel like it's only right to choose "Can't Hold Us" for our first song. The team was constantly energized, nothing could hold us down.

2. We don't think "Scream and Shout" could represent our team any better. We won the spirit award, both at the regional, and again at Minne regional...YAYY.  The team constantly danced, sang, CHEERED, and overall had positive attitudes throughout both events.Even Mechatron (our mascot) was getting groovy. We only hope to inspire other teams to stay upbeat and positive. This second song, definitely explains our loud and crazy team.

3. I think one of the teams favorite things that we did this past spring was to go and visit those "Crazy Kids" at the elementary schools. They went insane as soon as our mas cot Mechatron walked in the door, and as soon as they saw the robot. They would beg us to shoot frisbee's at them... which may have got a little wild, but hey, our team is a little wild and crazy, they could be for an hour or so too.

4. "Safe and Sound" is a song that can be used to describe all the wonderful people who we have met this season and mainly the people that joined the team. The first lyrics to the song are " I could lift you up, I could show you what you want to see." We constantly try to make everyone feel involved and like they belong. We are SO glad to have had such a great year with so many fantastic people!

5. Our sponsors certainly made Team 3313 feel like "Royals" this year. We partnered with them on numerous occasions (company picnics, community tours, barbeque cookoffs). Their support, both financially and with mentors, helped make 2013 our most successful year yet.

6. Lastly, number six, we started an FTC team!! They have done so extremely well this past season with this being their first year. They made it to the elimination rounds, where they ended up losing, but that was okay because we made if farther than we would have ever thought. We ended up winning the judges award and were nominated for the Inspiration award, which is allowing us to compete at state! We all had an amazing time cheering for the drive team, and well, all we can say is that team 7799 surely let it "Roar".

Thanks for all the YouTube views, Twitter reply's, blog views, and other support!!

Let's rock 2014...

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