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Thursday, January 16, 2014

The Tortoise did beat the Hare, right?

From Tuesday afternoon...

Another slow one here in the robot work shop, with everyone on the team left with a lot of questions not enough answers. And no, I'm not being all deep and emotional. I'm talking about build team.

For the last few days, build team has been stuck on the same problem. How to get the boot to go up once hitting the ball. They have everything else thought of. They can keep the boot up if someone manually raises it, along with being able to hit it off the hard-stop with a brick attached to a motor. So,they are making progress... sort of.

Something amazing happened to programming! They actually have something to do! They need to add a motor controller to be able to drop the boot. As soon as we start building an actual robot, though, they are gonna be swamped with work.

PR isn't doing much today. Other than updating the blog, we made posters for our fundraiser this Sunday, busing tables at pizza ranch, and hung them around the school. There isn't much else to do, ever since we turned in our Chairman's Award draft. As soon as we get it back, though, editing is all we're going to be able to think about.

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