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Thursday, January 16, 2014

Thank Goodness for YouTube

Day 12
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So we spent about a week working on a a weighted boot idea. We tried to make it simple by using gravity and weight to make the boot fall down and strike the ball. We got the idea from FRC Team 2337 and their 2008 robot.

However, we ran into a snag... You have to bring the boot up to make it fall down (DUH). We just couldn't think of any ideas that would be able to do it. The force of the boot was just too much.

This was a set back. Kind of a major one since we had put so much work into the boot idea. BUT! We would not be stopped.

We watched A TON of YouTube videos (shoutout to teams who share!) and came up with two really good ideas.

1) A kicker that is direct mounted to a ToughBox gearbox with 2 CIMs. This is a really awesome idea that we got from FRC Team 4611. We feel kind of dumb for never thinking of that possibility. We've done a little bit of prototyping with it and it seems to work!! You can check out the YouTube video.

2) A pneumatic catapult which we have seen a bunch of teams do. It sort of works right now. We really need another piston and we need to monkey around with different piston mounting positions.

We're going to continue with both prototypes for now and then make a decision in a few days!

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