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Saturday, January 4, 2014

Aerial Assist

The long wait is over! We know what the 2014 FRC game will be...

Aerial Assist!

Check out the game animation below.

FRC 2014 Game Animation

Aerial Assist is played with 2 alliances of 3 robots. To break the game down into it's simplest parts: each alliance of 3 robots must work together to score a 24" diameter exercise ball into either a small goal on the ground for 1 point or a larger rectangular goal about 6' in the air.

Here's the catch though. There are HUGE bonuses for passing (assisting) your teammates to score. Basically, if each robot passes the ball in a cycle, there is a 30 point bonus to the 10 or 1 point score. That's a lot!!! There is also a truss in the middle of the field which teams can fling the ball over for a 10 point bonus. Catching that throw over the truss is another 10 point bonus.

This game is certainly going to be exciting!! The totally open field is something our driver, Bryce, has always been dreaming about. Pre-match driver meetings are going to be so important to the match. No more "watch us score" strategies. Every Alliance member (especially in Elims) will be necessary to advance.

We're just crazy excited!

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