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Thursday, January 23, 2014

The Two Towers

Day 20
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Exciting news! The towers for our robot came in today!!! WEEEE! HUGE THANK YOU to Douglas Machine and our mentor, Dan Floding, for making them happen.

The towers' main purpose is to support the swinging hammer. However, we are also going to use them to hold the pneumatics and electronics. Storing that stuff in the towers will make for easy access if we need to make changes.

Joe, Tyler, and Mitch worked on making a new, skinnier hammer. We will have two different designs to test once our final robot is up and running. They both look AWESOME.

Build team was a little upset today, for they found out that they had to build their grippers to extend less than 20 inches from the robot, so now they have to rebuild theirs to fit the rule book. However, rebuilding them will let us repaint them and make some other REALLY COOL design choices.

As for programming, they aren't doing much today. They researched how to operate the vision system, but when that got boring, they kicked back and got to some team bonding. Since there's nothing else to do, why not?

PR spent the day going through the Chairmans award and color coding  the FIRST guidelines. Fun, right? We also wrote the blog. I know, pretty surprising.

We also had team members put another protective paint layer on the middle school mascot, to help it last longer.

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