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Sunday, January 12, 2014

The Quicker Picker Upper

Day 8
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We met on Saturday! The big team goal was to get the grippers mounted and working. WHICH WE

DID! They're pretty sweet, especially with how they incorporate into our kicker mechanism. Dan Floding, an engineer at Douglas Machine, Bryce Klang, and Tyler Floding did an awesome job getting them mounted and put together.

Some caveats here... The grippers will be raised by chain and sprockets eventually so they start inside the frame perimeter. That will also allow us to aim our shots better. Also, they are a little long right now (stick out 23"). But the idea is there and it's super awesome!!

The other big robot advancement was that we wired up the wireless (ha!) and the pneumatics. The pneumatics was a major chore though. The whole team tried everything to get the compressor to work but it just wouldn't turn on. Until we switched out for an older spike relay. Kudos to Bryce for thinking of that solution.

It's so awesome seeing the robot drive around and pick up the game pieces.

The big development on Chairman's is that we are done with our first draft and are ready to send it out for revisions! We have about 8 people lined up to read it and edit it. Then we'll bring those edits and do another revision.

Our next big task on the Chairman's front is getting the video footage rolling (interviews and stuff) and starting on the speech first draft!!

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