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Monday, January 27, 2014

So... How About That Weather?

Day 22 and 24

"Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stops us from building robots."

Alright, we copied that from the US Postal Service but you get the idea!!

We had a snow (EXTREMELY COLD) day at our school today. Basically, all winter, its been crazy. 

Saturday, we played around with robot theming ideas like glitter paint for the hammer. We also finished off the grippers... They are going to be saweeeeeet! Haha. That's pic right there.

Monday, we got our new parts!! Here's a tweet of our progress.
We really took our time cutting the new drive base. The last thing we wanted was for it to be a 1/2 inch too wide or something. We also bought the new AndyMark belts for the square robot base. The drop center will help our a lot. We did some drive tests with our prototype robot on carpet. It wasn't great.

Cutting the base and putting it together took a lot of the meeting. We also mounted the grippers. They're going to be pretty sweet. Cannot wait to show you all when it's finished and wired up.

One thing mentioned in the tweet: the white board. We are using it for our electrical board. It's unorthodox but we like how rigid it is. We also like how cheap it is. But most of all, we like that we can write notes like where each Talon goes and the PWM it is connected to. We'll also write funny notes to each other on it. Haha.

Oh and that's a picture of what our robot is going to look like.

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