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Monday, January 6, 2014

Rollout, Me and My Homies

Day 3 Update

We had to meet at our Build Captain’s house because school was cancelled (no practice allowed on cancelled days). He has a pretty nice heated garage we were able to work in. Plus, we knew this was coming so we brought a bunch of tools and stuff to his house last night.

Our big team goal was to get a driving robot. And we did it. Woo. We are using the AndyMark 2014 Chassis with Mini-Cimple boxes and it is 28” by 28”. We ran into some issues with the gear boxes and the electrical board we figured them out. Basically, watch the AndyMark videos and plan out your electrical board ahead of time. But whatevs, IT DRIVES! 
We also brainstormed a ball picker upper (prototype video tomorrow), played pinball (Bydlon has bad luck), and ate delicious hamburgers. 

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