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Saturday, January 25, 2014

The Beginning of the End

Day 21
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Another big update coming from Team 3313! Today, we begin, the end! Of our prototype stage, anyways.

You know those awesome towers we got? (The big metal triangle-y things,) Well, they're going to be a part of the new robot, and they'll help mount parts like the Talons, pneumatics, and cRio. While we won't be able to mount everything today (considering not all of the parts have shipped), we will be able to make immense progress.

We started the process of theming the final robot. Hammer and grippers are going to be something to see...

All of our parts are coming on Monday. Next week is going to kick butt.

If there was one word to describe what PR's doing, anyone would be able to guess it. Chairman's. Today, they're busy adding content to the essay, to make it more informative, descriptive, and personalized. As if that's not enough, they're also attempting to choose some handouts for the competition. They've had a little luck, but that sort of SWAG is hard to come by. We'll have pens, wristbands, and a special one that we won't share till they're finished.

Programming is back to work attempting to figure out vision systems. It's slow work, and confusing at that, but they say they'll be done within a few days. The point of the vision system is to show  the robot certain goals that score more in autonomous mode. Those goals are in different colors, so the robot should be able to detect it.

The most memorable part of the day was probably Karl's hair being straightened. It looked so different!! He usually has a very curly hair style so seeing it straightened was crazy! 


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