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Friday, January 17, 2014


Day 13
Hello fellow robot followers!
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Today, we create... ROBO-HISTORY! For on this momentous day, we have scored a legitimate, one-hundred percent legal, HIGH-FIELD GOAL!!  I know what you're thinking. " How ever is this possible? I thought you couldn't figure out how to lift the boot to hit the ball!?" Well, random reader, that's a great question! We found a way to lift the boot to not only be able to kick the ball, but also send it flying! We received some sweet new aluminum grippers that are going on the robot, so now we can kick the ball, and we are able to catch it. Now, we're finally starting to get somewhere.

Programming team has been helping out with a major accomplishment of timing the boot swings so they don't stop too short. They also made the gripper motors go up at 100% speed and go down at 50% speed. That helps us aim! Our team finds it important to actually hit the ball. Which, you have to admit, makes sense.

PR is assisting the cause by covering the news part of it. We're down there, getting the facts, taking the pictures and getting the news. Do you know why? We do it for you. So that you can keep tabs, get your daily robot gossip, and burn a few minutes in the fascinating world of Team 3313 Mechatronics. So go ahead! Keep your tabs and get your gossip! That is what we're here for. (That and writing all awards and making posters and a ton of other stuff.)

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