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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Keep Plugging Away

Yesterday was kind of a slower day for Team 3313. Some organizational tasks were taken care of but, initially, not much was happening. 
We had a slow day because we've kind of come to a stand still. 

Chairman's team is done with the first draft so we sent them out for revisions and are just waiting for those to get back to us. 

However, we still accomplished some big goals today. We made some posters for a Pizza Ranch fundraiser this Sunday. We reserved hotels for our Duluth Regional competition. Our clothing choices have been made for this year. All black track jackets will be optional and we are getting black and white t-shirts with a new kind of design on the front. They're going to be awesome!! 

The robot team came to a stand still because we're just not sure what our next course of action is. The grippers are SWEET and work really well. The boot is a great, innovative idea but... We don't know how to pull it up to kick it. That's kind of a major thing (IT'S A REALLY MAJOR THING). 

Our engineering mentors came up with a few ideas we could try out. Spring, a cam gear, a ratcheting gear, moving the weight, and other ideas were brainstormed. 

After eating dinner, Bryce pushed to try out one of them. We moved the weights on to a sliding mechanism using a pneumatic piston. This makes it much easier to raise the boot. But then it made it harder to kick it. Sooooo. We're not really sure what our next step is. 

Our plan for now is to have one group start making a catapult idea and another group keep working on the boot. We'll see where we are at on each in a couple days and make a decision at that time. 

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