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Monday, January 20, 2014

Changing Gears

Day 14

Our team met on Saturday for a couple hours. Now that we've got a prototype robot that we really like. see the video here, we've got to start working on what our next steps are.

We wrote up a Purchase Order for a bunch of new parts including a new Kit of Parts chassis, Talon motor controllers, and some other miscellaneous parts. This will allow us to keep our prototype robot and then build our final design parallel to it.

We are waiting for Sonic Shifters to come back in stock at AndyMark and then we will order them. We've never done shifters before and we think they'll come in handy during the open field competition this year.

We also started CADing up some of our design. We are so lucky to have engineering and manufacturing support from local companies like Massman Automation Designs and Douglas Machine. They already helped us manufacture parts for our FTC Team, 7799 Autobotics. So yeah, we're lucky.

The only other activity we did on Saturday was clean up the shop. Prototyping can be super quick and dirty. Now that we are pretty much done with that aspect, we needed to reorganize and regroup.

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