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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Small Business Luncheon

Yesterday, Team 3313 drove on over to the Alexandria Technical College for this year's Small Business Luncheon, Business leaders form all around the Alexandria area, many of whom are our sponsors, came to eat a delicious meal while also learning about their local robotics team, yours truly. They were surprised at all of the "hardware" that we have acquired in our years as a team. many of these people had not seen our 2014 robot yet so they were amazed at the performance that Thor gave as he shot the ball into the air time and time again.
When everybody was settled, we were introduced and then we gave our presentation. Our team members discussed the FIRST community and why it is such a benefit to those it influences. We also announced our not so rumored A.R.T. (Alexandria Robotics Tournament) off season event, which will be held at the new Alexandria Area High School on November 1, 2014. 

It's really good that we get the chance to do these kind of events with our sponsors so we can keep them in the loop but also to inform businesses we have not talked to so we can show them the crazy world of FIRST Robotics.  

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