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Saturday, April 26, 2014

In Thor, We Truss

Day 2 of Qualifications went really well! Our record for the day was 3-1. 

In the 3 wins, our teammates worked really well together. We showed off our trussing abilities throughout the day. We kept employing our strategy of inbounding from our side, trussing to the human player, then getting the second assist on the other side of the field. This is great for a lot of reasons, one of the biggest being it opens up our end of the field for less traffic. Bryce's driving abilities are on full display. He's done spins, jukes, and all other sorts of maneuvers to open up a little bit of daylight for the truss shot. His defensive driving against the other robots is also key. The whole team is so proud of him. 

Not to be out done, Brooklyn can done a masterful job on the hammer and pickup. She did not miss one inbound catch the entire day! Speaking of inbounding, Tyler has been AWESOME inbounding to our robot and adjusting to whichever side we end up on. Documenting it all and helping to keep our spirits up is Heidi. She's taken some great pictures and we CANNOT wait to show them to you in the coming weeks. 

The one loss our team sustained on Day 2 was to FRC Team 16 Bomb Squad and their alliance. They have an EXCELLENT robot (just like us). They harassed a couple of our truss shots but Bryce did an amazing job playing defense on them too. So it worked both ways. We put up a great fight but got the loss. It wasn't discouraging though because we fought our hardest and continued to show off our abilities. 

Chairman's team had their big day on Day 2 as well! They presented to the judges at 1:20pm. All the looks that Jade, Kacy, and Lacey got as they walked through the crowd with their instruments and outfits were hilarious. The girls rocked the speech like they always do. They commented on how nice the judges were and how much the Q&A felt like a genuine conversation. Their hard work this year has really paid off for an excellent presentation and essays. 

The scouting and cheering team in the stands did an awesome job as well. They continued to record data and impressions of robots to help augment our pre-scouting. Texts to the drive team were common and very useful. Karl, Alicia, Mitch, Andrew, Thomas, Dalton, Carson, Zack, Owen, Sam, and the parents (Dan, Mary, Mike, Mike, and Todd).

We would probably be hit in the head by Molly if we didn't mention the fantastic job she did talking to interested teams and judges in the pit on Day 2. Kacy helped with this regard as well. It's so great to have so many teams come up to us with kind words or saying "we love your robot!" 

We have one more match today (Saturday morning) at 8:15am. After that is division alliance selection and then elims!! We are super excited for the day. 

Good luck to all the teams competing! 

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