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Monday, April 21, 2014

Leaving Tomorrow!!

Well... The day is here. We leave tomorrow at 7pm from Jefferson High School in Alexandria, MN for the FIRST Robotics World Championships in St. Louis, MO. 

We haven't taken many pictures the past few weeks. Mostly because the things we've been working on are behind the scenes. 

1.  The bus and hotels are set to go. We are taking an overnight coach bus Tuesday night. We will arrive in St. Louis on Wednesday morning, then check out the Arch, and line up outside the dome to load in.. 

2. The generosity shown by our online friends and family, the school, our community, and our sponsors has been so wonderful. We cannot thank everyone enough for all their help. 

3. Our whole team has been working hard on scouting. We re-worked the match scouting sheets. All of the Newton division teams have been inputed to our binders. The pit scouting sheets have also been remade with all Newton teams. The whole team is so pumped to talk to all the other teams!!

4. The plethora of scouting information for FIRST Champs is kind of crazy! Simbotics has a great excel spreadsheet, there is a Google Sheet with info teams have submitted, and 525 put out a cool Strength of Schedule doc. Any team that coming to Champs needs to find those resources. 

5. The trailer was packed on Monday night. We are set to go!!

Remember we will be on the Newton field. Check out our match schedule here. 

If you want to watch us on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, GO TO THE WEBCAST LINKS HERE. 

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