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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Arrival and Set Up

FRC team 3313 took the looooong overnight bus on Tuesday night to St. Louis. Bydlon and Lacey did not sleep but most others did. The trip was extremely uneventful (Iowa and Missouri, hello).

After arriving in St Louis, the team had to take the Metrolink down to the stadium. The bus driver had driven as long as he could. Then the team wandered around the town, checking out the Arch and finding parking spaces for the bus and trailer. 

After that, they waited for robot load-in. It was incredibly warm and sunny. Bryce and Bydlon got especially sunburned. Load in went smoothly. The team had already planned out different roles. They were one of the first pits all set up. 

Bryce and Tyler fixed the drive train gears so Thor runs like a champ now. Brooklyn and Molly set up all the banners and tv and stuff. 

We got inspected and had a great practice match. It was so fun to see all the other teams and meet so many teams we interact with all the time. 

Qualifications start tomorrow!! We at at 9:30am and then every two hoes after that. 

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